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Naming A Movie Podcast Is Hard

Jul 20, 2021

This episode is for everyone who missed high school pop quizzes...or if you didn't, don't worry...we WATCHED THE MOVIE! Abi and Matt review The Personal History of David Copperfield (2020). Plus some quiz questions. This episode was also fake sponsored by SparkNotes.  

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Jul 15, 2021

Ten minutes of pure gushing about Abi's favorite movie, and let's face it, probably Matt's too. Plus a little sing-screaming for good measure. This week is all about THOR RAGNAROK (2017). 

Jul 6, 2021

Hello dear listener! 

This week we are doing something we have never done...taking a break. Matt and Abi are taking a short vacation but we promise we will be back next week when we will review The Personal History of David Copperfield (2019). In the meantime, we just wanted to let you know how much we love you and...